Since 1989, Mayoristas de Ópticas has been a distributor and international supplier of frames, eyeglasses, accessories, ophthalmic lenses, and contact lenses. Our passion is to serve our customers by making the world’s most famous brands and the latest designs accessible to them, ensuring that their optical shops always have the latest in fashion and trending brands in stock.

We are located at 2618NW 112th Ave, Miami, FL, USA (minutes away from Miami International Airport). Our customer service hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The Verona Love and Freedom Colors brands are exclusive to Mayoristas de Ópticas, created to provide our customers with a unique line that sets them apart and strengthens their position in their territory. By affiliating with our company, our customers receive vital information about current industry trends and relevant details about major national and international trade fairs. We believe that even though we are in different countries, we should stay closer and more united than ever.

We use the latest technology to keep our customers informed about new arrivals, along with the latest in marketing and sales strategies for optical shops. All of this is part of our passion for seeing optical shop owners thrive in their businesses, adapting to the changes demanded by the global economy and technology.

It is our mission and vision to gather in one place the most up-to-date and high-quality products, offering each customer a unique space where they can find everything they need for their optical business. Our online store is designed to provide a secure, practical, and comfortable shopping experience, with all the necessary information for making the best purchasing decisions. It is so comprehensive that ordering through it is like making a physical purchase in Miami. To achieve this, we ensure that all product information such as color, size, dimensions, and general features is available alongside each photo because we understand that the more information we provide, the more profitable our customers will be.

We also conduct sales in our showroom in Miami. If you are interested in visiting us, please contact us to schedule an appointment at clients@mayoristasdeopticas.com or at Tel. +1/305-513-9177. Additionally, you can reach us via WhatsApp at +1/786-800-0990 and +1/305 316 8267, and we will gladly arrange your appointment.


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